about me

Hideki Osaka is a (male) Japanese senior high school teacher of the world history who loves music especially songs of The Beatles and the Japanese most brilliant female singer Mai Kuraki (Mai.K). And wants to make many friends all over the world. If you have a little interest in me, please send me an E-mail. I'm waiting for you!

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Hideki Osaka. I was born on February 2, 1961. I was majoring in the ancient Roman history at Waseda University in Tokyo. And now I'm a teacher of a Japanese high school, a teacher of world history. As a teacher of world history, I'm interested in foreign history, peoples and cultures very much. I want many friends all over the world. Though I have a few friends in some other countries, I have had few chances to make friends with foreigners living in this little town in a countryside. So I am very happy when you come to my web site. Will you be a good friend of mine?

My hobby is music.

Now I usually listen to American and British popular music of 1960's and 70's. For example, I like SIMON AND GARFUNKEL, THE ROLLING STONES, ELTON JOHN, CARPENTERS and so on. But I love THE BEATLES best.

Now, I have web pages about the Beatles. You can read a page of them in English. If you want to visit, Please click HERE!

I have all their original records and compact discs, and have many video tapes, many books about them. And at last, I could go and enjoy the concert of Paul McCartney in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Osaka. And Ringo Starr's in Kurashiki. Always my room is full of music. I like not only popular music but also classical music. Bach and Morzart best.

And reacently I am crazy about a Japanese-blliliant-beautiful-excellent singer (female), Mai Kuraki (Mai.K).

And I like to play music for myself, too.

Sometimes I write original songs for myself (I have written more than 30 original songs), and record it to tapes for myself using my 4-truk tape recorder. I have made 3 original albums. They are all immature and inexperienced, but I like my songs. If you would like to listen to my songs. Please click above and fly to "The Best of Hideki Osaka" page.

My prefecture Okayama is in the west of Japan.

(You can find it on a map of Japan.) And we have a beautiful sea called "Setonaikai"(Seto Mediterranean Sea). Now it is very famous for The Seto Grand Bridges. The view of the bridges over the sea is one of the most beautiful scenes in Japan.

Well I'm looking forward to e-mails from you all over the world! Please talk about peoples and cultures, education and music and about the BEATLES.